Hump Day

And the one thing that isn’t happening is me getting laid!

So this week is shaping up to be pretty boring for sure. I finished the work I had last week so now I am back to doing some learning so that I can advance my position going forward. The problem is the learning is boring as well but has to get it done.

It sucks having to post from my phone but happy I can, but to make it easier I got this Bluetooth keyboard from Logitech to make it work better. This way a longer post of something that comes to mind I will be able to get done quick.

Still working on getting my ass in gear to post more on my blog, and once I have that keyboard I will do my best to keep at it for sure at least once a day. That in itself will be a really good start in my eyes. The goal is to post lots here, then get lots of eyes on it and also start writing and selling my erotic stories while working on a full length novel that I have working on my head.

All for now.

The Madman


Author: thewritingmadman

Well I am a budding writer, or so I am trying to be, getting started has been quite difficult due to having to complete school, but at this point I am nearly done with that and will now have some more time to focus on getting this off the ground. I am originally from New Jersey but now reside in Delaware, have been here now for 6 years and counting. I work full-time as a federal gov't contractor doing Technical Publications Management, it's boring, but it pays the bills.

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