Today’s Torture

So I figured I will start sharing what I do everyday for workouts and all as part of my trying to whip my ass back into some seriously good shape.

Today as the following:

1 Mile Run

150 Wall Balls w/25lb weighted ball

1 Mile Run

For Time. I finished in just a bit over 27 minutes.

I don’t consider this bad being my knees are shot to hell from decades of powerlifting. My goal now at 48 is just to be as fit as I possibly can be, the weightloss I am shooting for is mostly body fat I am going for, so if my weight doesn’t really change I am not going to cry, the lower my body fat the better.


Author: thewritingmadman

Well I am a budding writer, or so I am trying to be, getting started has been quite difficult due to having to complete school, but at this point I am nearly done with that and will now have some more time to focus on getting this off the ground. I am originally from New Jersey but now reside in Delaware, have been here now for 6 years and counting. I work full-time as a federal gov't contractor doing Technical Publications Management, it's boring, but it pays the bills.

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