Yesterday’s Workout

So Monday is of course an upper body day, so workout went like this

10 Reps – DB Bench Press – 40 lbs.

10 Reps – DB Row – 40 lbs.

10 Reps – DB Alternating Curl – 35 lbs.

10 Reps – Military Press – 70 lbs.

4 sets of each exercise. Finished this up in about 30ish minutes. Didn’t do any kind of cardio after like normal but all good.

On the plus side by sometime after the workout we knew that the gov’t shutdown was pretty much over and the wife would be going back to work today with me.

Will post todays workout shortly after actually getting it done.


The Madman


Author: thewritingmadman

Well I am a budding writer, or so I am trying to be, getting started has been quite difficult due to having to complete school, but at this point I am nearly done with that and will now have some more time to focus on getting this off the ground. I am originally from New Jersey but now reside in Delaware, have been here now for 6 years and counting. I work full-time as a federal gov't contractor doing Technical Publications Management, it's boring, but it pays the bills.

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