And it’s Hump Day…

So in reading some news today, or seeing it on YouTube, gotta love my former home a state and its liberal insanity (sorry if this offends but liberals are stupid) as they have no had some moron state senator pre-file a bill to limit magazine capacity to 5 rounds. I guess he thinks this is going to stop some criminal from slapping his 33 rounder into his GAT and going to town on his enemies.

Yes in case it hasn’t become obvious at this point I am a supporter of the Constitution of the United States, most especially the 2nd Amendment of it, because without that there wouldn’t be much else left at this point thanks to the liberal stupidity going on in this country, can’t even call them liberals anymore these people are going full on communist in a lot of places and stripping peoples rights as quickly as they can get it done.

What this basically is going to do it limit the residents of NJ with 5 shot revolvers and the few semi-auto handguns that come in 45 that only hold 5 rounds, these are generally subcompacts to boot. Now again NJ has been notorious for its draconian gun laws for quite some time, and I lived there most of my life.

Today I am a law abiding gun owner, also a firearms instructor and working towards doing some competition shooting as well. So guns aren’t evil, they don’t go off all on there own, they require an individual who has evil intent to use it for an evil purpose. This country has plenty of them, and the vast majority of them are known to law enforcement, so if you want to stop gun violence you have to take the bad actors off the streets and put them behind bars, not target law abiding gun owners. WE didn’t do anything wrong.

OK, enough political shit, had to share about it because its just full on stupid.

Otherwise, today is another boring day at work, but I figured the first week would be just that and hopefully I can get into some stuff next week for sure.

Tonight is deadlift day, so heading home shortly and getting in my workout and relaxing for the rest of the night.

The Madman


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