Week 2

So on to week 2 of the new gig, starting off uneventful of course, all I really have to do is start to get familiar with the stuff I will be working with so I started doing that today. It is a lot of stuff to get familiar with for sure, could take me a couple of weeks to go through it all.

So this weekend we set about trying to finish up what is left of our Christmas shopping, which really isn’t a lot of stuff at all, mostly gift cards at this point in time and all, but still have to actually get it done. We did accomplish most of that as well as having to order a couple of things for the granddaughter on Amazon, which is on the way.

Had to also order a photo booth thing so I can take pictures of items I am selling on eBay, so that I can eliminate shadowing in the pictures and what not. Mostly what I have to list now are bras that my wife doesn’t fit in anymore since she has gotten a bit smaller and we needed to get her new ones. That will go along with all my holsters from guns I don’t own anymore which I have been trying to unload, which isn’t easy as I am a lefty, in a world where most people are right handed.

Workouts for the weekend for me were strictly cardio, and I am OK with that, Saturday was about 30 minutes on my elliptical and Sunday I spent about 20 minutes pounding on my heavy bag, which is a great workout.

Well I think this is it for now, back to my boring work, at least for now while I get familiar. Hopefully they have me start traveling soon that would be nice too and all.

The Madman


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