So I’m Slacking Again…

I was going pretty strong for a minute, but then got busy and got off course. That is what happens when I try and do these posts at the office of course. I will have to try and make sure I fit them in later in the evening for sure if I can’t get to them while in the office itself.

So end of week two going into the Christmas holiday wasn’t so bad. The people I am working with now are so far so good, and I have pretty much made myself at home in my little cubicle. I have off till next Thursday so that is a good thing, well technically I have off. Though the Prez has declared a federal holiday for Xmas Eve it however doesn’t apply to me, which sucks, so I have to telework that day.

Today I also get 59 minutes, too bad I will have already worked a full 8 hours by the time I can actually leave for the day, so what is the point and all. Oh well.

So far this week have gotten in 3 of my 4 weight training workouts, the other will likely happen on Saturday morning, today probably have stuff to do after work and all, so no workout tonight.

On another front, I have decided to get my Personal Trainer Certification back as well as add a Cert from Precision Nutrition, I want to add to my ability to earn money going forward so these are things I can do that will likely be less costly vs. my Firearms Trainer Certs, as the cost to insure on those is much more than training, and I have most of what is necessary in my basement to train people in my own home, so that is a bonus. Should take me a few months to get these two things in order, I am going with an organization I was certified through about 15 or so years ago, which is the ISSA, I think they are a good group, as it was founded by a Powerlifter, and me being mostly focused on that area of training myself it fits for me.

OK, so I am rambling like all get out at this point so going to stop now before I just keep on going.

The Madman


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