Doing it again…

Slacking that is. But here I am getting back on it. So it was Christmas the other day, mine wasn’t so bad, I wasn’t expecting a lot and I am OK with that it was time to take care of others. Though I did get myself a new gun, so I guess that might count. LOL. Now I just have to go pick it up. Have to wait till my wife is not around to get it, as she doesn’t know.

Work right now is really slow of course because everyone is out on vacation due to the holidays, and that is nice. And with my just getting started with this job gives me time to get into things that I need to learn about and all.

Also, last week I started working towards getting my personal trainer certification again and will also be doing one for nutrition in the new year. Things that can be used to make extra money down the road because well there is never enough money to be had.

I still have to start writing, for real, at least the erotica I intend on writing. I have lots of short stories in my head which I have to get out and what not, and of course those will likely help deliver more. Things for the new year to come for sure.

In terms of workouts this is my deload week, so I am just doing cardio, and during the rest of it I am deciding if I am going to do another 5/3/1 or switch over to a straight away bodybuilding style set of workouts. Not sure yet, but leaning more towards bodybuilding style workouts at least for a little while, and then maybe a switch back to CrossFit.

Well that is it for now, short and what not but hey just gotta write something.

The Madman


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