About Me

Just a bit about me, my name is H.T. Alexander (not my real name) and I am a writer, or I should say I am trying to get to being a writer. My full-time job is as a Technical Writer, which I have been doing for a bit over 2 decades. I would definitely love to make a living just writing and not having to go to the job that I have grown to hate for the most part.

I am also into fitness, mainly powerlifting, which is my primary means of training all the time. I have been doing this for a long time as well, nearly my entire life, which is a pretty long time at this point. My other thing is firearms, I am an instructor and am trying to get into competitive shooting.

So my overall goal is to write, and I plan on writing erotica, thrillers and horror type content, as these are the things that I enjoy reading the most as well. My intention is to try and post here as often as possible but so far that isn’t working out all that well either.