OK, so what can I tell you about me that I actually want to divulge.

Here we go, first I am only going to use my writer’s name here, which is H.T. Alexander, better known as The Writing Madman. With that much said let me get into a bit more, I was born in 1969, in New Jersey, and grew up there until more recently when my current career choice forced me to move south into the First State (Delaware) for those not in the know. I work as a Technical Publications Manager as a contractor for the federal gov’t, and have been doing work in this vain for nearly 2 decades now.

On the side, I write or I am trying to write. And I am a firearms instructor most recently since moving to a free state allowed me to more easily purchase firearms, I took some interest and have gotten the education to start teaching people. That is a budding business as well, but I won’t mention the name of that as I am trying to maintain some anonymity here vs. my other endeavors. I am also heavily into fitness, mostly right now CrossFit, though I am a former Powerlifter which was always my favorite thing to do, nothing like pure raw strength. I injured my knee before I even got to compete for the first time, which led me to never competing like I wanted to. But I have stayed involved having been a Certified Personal Trainer for more than a decade as well, though I let my cert lapse and am looking into bring it back current. And lastly, I am a recovering alcoholic/addict who has now been clean and sober for getting near 9 years, it is one day at a time even now, because the urge never really goes away, so you have to do what you have to in order to stay clean and sober.

What do I plan on writing about, those things are still up in the air, but my day to day life will be part of it as well as some other things, such as erotica, and horror/thriller type things which is what I have the most interest in.

So please to take this journey with me and see where it goes!