Laziness abounds…

Yes I have been quite lazy the last few days in terms of posting. I haven’t even posted my daily workouts which I have done pretty much everyday since the last time I posted a few days ago.

Yesterday’s I would call epic, just did Military Presses but finished with the final set of about 12 total at 130 x 2, which I would consider to be pretty damn good as that is about 60% of my body weight and I was only shooting for my final to be about 50% of my body weight.

I have to make it a point to start posting a lot more often, just to get things out of my head that get in there and drive me nutty. That should technically have me writing all day long every single day though, so maybe that totally won’t work, but at least once or twice a day for sure from now on.

So one of the things on my mind which has me conflicted is something to do with religion, you see back when I was younger I was more or less force fed Catholicism up to the age of about 16 or so when I was then allowed to chose, and I quickly turned away from it in a completely opposite direction. First turning towards Laveyan Satanism, and then Wicca, then Paganism and back to Laveyan Satanism and finally to Luciferianism. Now these last two aren’t much different from one another and they both more or less have the same concept, that you are your own god, and there is no belief in a heaven or hell or a god and or devil. But now as time has gone by I find myself in conflict over my beliefs, and keep coming back to is there actually a God, is there a Devil, is there a Heaven and Hell? I know deep fucking questions! There is a part of me that now looks at things in terms of if I can have God in my life in my terms and not the way it was force fed to me then maybe I could allow myself those beliefs again. Part of me sees it, but then I want to stomp it when it pops into my head. Maybe time to start considering it again rather than stomping it out.

OK, deep subject taken care of. This weekend was fun, went to the range did some shooting, and that is always fun and a great way to do stress relief. Workouts of course are next best thing. Other fun stuff, I got laid this weekend too, always nice when that happens as well. And just to toss this out there I am reading about 5 different books, most of them are all around 50% complete, so I might write some reviews on them when I am done.

OK, all for now. More later I hope.

The Madman

Gun Stuff

Yes some firearms related stuff, likely not to many will be interested but all good, just don’t read it. This is relevant to me because I am a firearms instructor part time and spent time working behind a gun counter, it was fun. I am also working towards doing some competitive shooting this year, so when I see new stuff I am happy.

First the G26 Gen 5, I have been waiting for this, it has Ambi controls so that makes me happy, which is why I have also purchased the G17 and G19 Gen 5’s as well. Being a lefty this is just a nice thing to have. Going to maybe check this out this weekend, we will see.This is another huge one G19X, didn’t think I was as interested in this till I started watching videos of it, but I might want this as well in the future, especially if the price is right I see a place for this in my collection. This was Glock’s submission for the MHS contract, they lost but we as the consumer win, we get this without the damned thumb safety.And last, this is the G34 Gen 5 MOS, and this is wonderful because it as well has Ambi controls, so this will go back to being my competition gun once I can get one. I will be using the G17 until that happens. I will likely get this and run it with an optic on it.OK, all for now.Later,The Madman