Wednesday, Thursday workouts and more…

Wednesday was shoulder day for me, so this is what I did:

Military Press – 5 x 8 x 85 lbs.
1-Arm KB Press – 5 x 8 x 30 lbs.
Finisher – 8 Minute Tabata 40/20 on the Heavy Bag.

Thursday was simple, Elliptical Trainer for 30 Minutes. This was more because my knee and ankle were a bit hosed up and all so that made me decide to put off the leg day till Saturday vs doing it while I could cause myself more harm than good.

So far I have also been keeping to my eating, and have kept the amount of sweets which I tend to eat to a minimum so doing pretty good there as well.

Otherwise all I have been doing is work, and that is busy the last few days. It is boring work, but it is work and it pays the bills. So I can’t complain all that much in regards to that at all.

Still reading the same couple of books I was talking about in a previous post, most likely won’t be done with them till next week or the week after. Not sure which books I will start after that as I have lots of choices.

A small writing update, I haven’t done much of that, but I have been working out details of what I am planning on doing for my first novel, with that said what I do have is a working title, the main characters name, the fact that it will be a thriller of sorts. But at least I have that going and keep getting more. I have most of this story locked into my head just have to start getting it out. So my biggest thing is I have to work out where to add time for writing into my already ridiculously busy schedule.

OK, that will be all for now, maybe more later.

The Madman


Just wanted to put something out there, when I do a post here on this blog it will be RAW, I am not going to go back and edit shit, or re-write shit, well unless it totally isn’t making sense, I am just going to write, as that is part of the goal here, to just put what is on my mind or shit I think is interesting out there for others to see and hopefully to get those same people to interact with me in regards to it.

Now being this is going to be RAW, well I can say it could be really RAW, so there is a good possibility as I allow the real me to get to the surface I might offend some of you folks reading this blog, sorry but you are getting the real me, and well I am not going to apologize for that. In the end I want this to be entertaining even if it is offensive, this is the real world after all, somewhere out there is something that will offend anyone. Though I have yet to be offended by anyone as of yet.

I don’t, thoughts that I needed to share and all as I try and get this shit ramped up and try to get more readers and for me to do more writing, and honestly I don’t want to be worrying about what I am saying, if you don’t like it, well that isn’t my issue its yours.

OK, enough for now, more later.

The Madman

2018, What’s to come…

Yes, with 2018 around the corner that of course always has everyone thing about what is to come, for me that is easy, I have some clearly defined goals for 2018, and here is what I am looking to make happen for myself:

– Land a gov’t job

– Gotta earn an extra 55K (to pay our CC debt off in full.)

– Get my Firearms Training business up and completely running and earning money.

– Start publishing short stories on Amazon (erotica).

– Start writing my novel, and publish to Amazon by the end of 2018 or sooner.

– Possibly renew my Personal Trainer certification, started working towards this, just not sure if I will actually do that, it isn’t a must do just a maybe.

– Finish my weight loss quest, I am down about 7 lbs and my intention is to get under 200, maybe around 195, but with a much lower body fat than I have currently.

I think this is more than plenty to accomplish in the new year, the most important is to pay off our debt.

That is all for now.


The Madman

Hump Day

And the one thing that isn’t happening is me getting laid!

So this week is shaping up to be pretty boring for sure. I finished the work I had last week so now I am back to doing some learning so that I can advance my position going forward. The problem is the learning is boring as well but has to get it done.

It sucks having to post from my phone but happy I can, but to make it easier I got this Bluetooth keyboard from Logitech to make it work better. This way a longer post of something that comes to mind I will be able to get done quick.

Still working on getting my ass in gear to post more on my blog, and once I have that keyboard I will do my best to keep at it for sure at least once a day. That in itself will be a really good start in my eyes. The goal is to post lots here, then get lots of eyes on it and also start writing and selling my erotic stories while working on a full length novel that I have working on my head.

All for now.

The Madman


To be more active on my blog here. Some randomness in regards to debt and how it sucks. We are trying to see if we can get a loan to consolidate everything to one single payment so that it’s all paid and only one payment is needed, so far that is a bust and it’s sucks for sure. In the meantime I have cut up all our cards and we are going to get through Xmas without using too much credit.

I have chosen some cards to keep at the end of this once all is paid but from here on out we will concentrate on using cash for everything as well cash is king. I am doing what I can to earn more but that is tough for sure, I think in the end monetizing this site will work the best.

I will also be starting to write both erotica and I have the idea in my head for a killer thriller in my head and notes in random places for that. Next thing to decide is do I use a pen name or just say fuck it and not be anonymous about any of the shit I am writing.

That is it for this one!

The Madman


Well here I go again, not getting things up here, so now I am going to just cover what I was up to during the past 4 days.

Work sucks, and last Wednesday was no different, I just can’t get past the suck some days to see a good day of work anymore. And it isn’t that I hate my job because I don’t but I think it is more that I have to be concerned with well what is the next gig and how much more money can I milk that for, that is the hard part, getting more money, I am already near the top end of what I can make for where I am working, so getting more isn’t going to happen easily, so that is the side hustle I am trying to develop.

But onto the weekend, Thanksgiving, we had my son come down, which was nice, got to see him and my granddaughter so that was nice. We headed down to my Mom’s house for dinner itself, where I got to see my brother and nephews, so again nice to get to see and hang out with family I haven’t seen in a couple of months. Ate a lot, watched some football and all was great. Came back home later that evening, and the wife and I went out and started the Xmas shopping, hitting the pre-black Friday sales starting the night before.

Friday we woke up and headed out again and checked out some of the Black Friday sales, which honestly I didn’t think were all that great this year, but I think that is because they are running good deals way sooner. Not to mention if you are looking you are going to find shit on sale for a good price and I look. After we got done doing that we got some of the Xmas decorations put up outside. What we didn’t finish on Friday we got done on the outside on Saturday which was pretty cool. We have a new house, this is our second year there so we are still trying to figure out the best way to decorate outside.

Sunday was more decorating on the inside mostly but not until after we did some outdoor maintenance, owning the house now requires that we clean the gutters, after a year they were full, we cleaned them out about 6 weeks ago, they were full again, so we bought some gutter covers and spent about 3 or so hours installing them yesterday, so now no more leaves to clean and that will be a good thing, we just have to see how these things work and if they stay in place. Otherwise have to try something different.

All in all uneventful weekend for me, but that is a good thing, the downside is that it had to end and am now back at work. Luckily I have a bit of work to actually do so that is a good thing.

The Weekend

Yes the weekend, unfortunately it is yet again coming to an end, and we are then back to fucking Monday at work. The only bonus about this week is that it is only going to be three days long before its done.

Didn’t do much this weekend, being my wife was not here, she is in the National Guard and goes back to NJ to drill two weekends a month, and I used to get to go along with her but now I get to stay home. I use that time to get shit done around the house. This weekend it was laundry, hang out with our Puppy and pretty much nothing else. Oh yes and I just finished building a platform to put our Xmas tree on, we got this nice 7.5′ tall tree but the stand is only like 7″ tall so it stays really close to the ground, the stand I built will jack it up about 8″ and then some. Now there will be room to actually put presents under the tree.

I haven’t been doing very good with the whole writing thing, I am working on it though. I have to get working on it because I need to start writing some of the erotic stories floating in my head so that I can get them up on Amazon in order to start earning some extra money, as there isn’t anything else going on that is getting that money in my pocket.

Next weekend will be good, Thanksgiving with the family, to include my son and granddaughter and the rest of the family. Later that weekend after some Black Friday shopping on Friday of course will be taking my wife to the range, gotta get her shooting and I have a new carry gun which I need to blast 500 rounds through to make sure there will be no failures with it.