Random silly shit…

So I was just in the men’s room and this is posted above the urinal. I don’t get it, why is it guys seem to have an issue hitting the urinal it’s not like it even takes good aim to hit it.

I guess because the thing was broke for like 6 weeks dudes forgot they need to pee in it and not in the floor.



Well here I go again, not getting things up here, so now I am going to just cover what I was up to during the past 4 days.

Work sucks, and last Wednesday was no different, I just can’t get past the suck some days to see a good day of work anymore. And it isn’t that I hate my job because I don’t but I think it is more that I have to be concerned with well what is the next gig and how much more money can I milk that for, that is the hard part, getting more money, I am already near the top end of what I can make for where I am working, so getting more isn’t going to happen easily, so that is the side hustle I am trying to develop.

But onto the weekend, Thanksgiving, we had my son come down, which was nice, got to see him and my granddaughter so that was nice. We headed down to my Mom’s house for dinner itself, where I got to see my brother and nephews, so again nice to get to see and hang out with family I haven’t seen in a couple of months. Ate a lot, watched some football and all was great. Came back home later that evening, and the wife and I went out and started the Xmas shopping, hitting the pre-black Friday sales starting the night before.

Friday we woke up and headed out again and checked out some of the Black Friday sales, which honestly I didn’t think were all that great this year, but I think that is because they are running good deals way sooner. Not to mention if you are looking you are going to find shit on sale for a good price and I look. After we got done doing that we got some of the Xmas decorations put up outside. What we didn’t finish on Friday we got done on the outside on Saturday which was pretty cool. We have a new house, this is our second year there so we are still trying to figure out the best way to decorate outside.

Sunday was more decorating on the inside mostly but not until after we did some outdoor maintenance, owning the house now requires that we clean the gutters, after a year they were full, we cleaned them out about 6 weeks ago, they were full again, so we bought some gutter covers and spent about 3 or so hours installing them yesterday, so now no more leaves to clean and that will be a good thing, we just have to see how these things work and if they stay in place. Otherwise have to try something different.

All in all uneventful weekend for me, but that is a good thing, the downside is that it had to end and am now back at work. Luckily I have a bit of work to actually do so that is a good thing.

A Day in the Life of…

So I figured I would start this category, and post type and do it often or maybe not so often so as not to bore anyone to death in a huge way because as you will see my days are rather boring and repetitive. I will start with my Monday.

Generally everyday from Monday through Friday I wake up at around 430AM, hop out of bed and do 100 push-ups (naked, for those curious). Follow that up with a shave and a shower. Coffee once I am done there. Play with our puppy a bit while I get dressed for the full time gig. No food, right now still doing intermittent fasting so I don’t start eating till noon at the earliest any day during the week. We generally then head out the house at around 530 – 540AM, for the around 40 or so minute ride to work. Work runs till around 330ish in the afternoon, I leave, pick up the wife, we work very nearby. 40 or so minute drive home.

Once home we change, for our workout, which is done in our basement gym, we have everything necessary to pull off most crossfit workouts that there are and I either glean them from the CF website itself or from any other number of locations on the web like Wodwell.com or I make up my own workouts. Yesterday was the following:

21-15-9 For Time w/1000M Row at end

75lb Thruster


I finished it all in about 22 minutes.

We follow that up with dinner and an after workout shower.

Bedtime is generally between 10 and 1030PM. Prior to that we do some relaxing playing with the puppy, I do reading and will start adding writing to that in the very near future.

This is my typical boring day, the weekends aren’t much better, I just wake up a bit later most of the time.

All for now!

The Madman

The Weekend

Yes the weekend, unfortunately it is yet again coming to an end, and we are then back to fucking Monday at work. The only bonus about this week is that it is only going to be three days long before its done.

Didn’t do much this weekend, being my wife was not here, she is in the National Guard and goes back to NJ to drill two weekends a month, and I used to get to go along with her but now I get to stay home. I use that time to get shit done around the house. This weekend it was laundry, hang out with our Puppy and pretty much nothing else. Oh yes and I just finished building a platform to put our Xmas tree on, we got this nice 7.5′ tall tree but the stand is only like 7″ tall so it stays really close to the ground, the stand I built will jack it up about 8″ and then some. Now there will be room to actually put presents under the tree.

I haven’t been doing very good with the whole writing thing, I am working on it though. I have to get working on it because I need to start writing some of the erotic stories floating in my head so that I can get them up on Amazon in order to start earning some extra money, as there isn’t anything else going on that is getting that money in my pocket.

Next weekend will be good, Thanksgiving with the family, to include my son and granddaughter and the rest of the family. Later that weekend after some Black Friday shopping on Friday of course will be taking my wife to the range, gotta get her shooting and I have a new carry gun which I need to blast 500 rounds through to make sure there will be no failures with it.

Debt Sucks…

Yes it surely does. Have a lot of it, credit card debt, school loan debt, house debt, car debt, and its a lot for sure. So seeing it and knowing that it is there now the goal is to pay it all off as quickly as possible. The hard part is getting that done, so starting with the credit cards first, not quite sure how I am going to do it but right now just going to stop paying most of them till I can pay them off, penalties be damned, maybe its the wrong thing to do but right now I need to create extra money to pay stuff off, means not paying things to create a monthly surplus. And after that I am working on trying to earn extra money, which is why this site exists, to monetize it, as you will see there is an area that you can hire my services out to edit documents, eBooks and the like you might need done. And then there is my firearms instruction biz, that could go somewhere or go nowhere, right now nowhere is the way that is going. Writing is the next bit of it, which is the hard thing because I need to get the time required to get that done, working on that it would be nice if I could just get a regular post on here daily, or better yet twice daily.

So the goal is to pay the CC debt off first, I want to do this in less than 2 years if possible, and to do this I am looking to earn as much extra money from other sources that aren’t my salary in order to do so. I will be leveraging what I do for a living (tech writing/editing) and what I like to do beyond that, firearms instruction. Working on selling off as much stuff as I can find in our house to sell along the way as well.

I am not worried about it though, it is going to hurt getting it done, hopefully not too much, but going to make it happen because I want total financial security for my wife and I going forward so that at some point I can start planning on a fun retirement by having some extra income that allows for it. It can be done, gotta do the work now so maybe one thing I am going to do now is start documenting that here as I work through it.

That is all for now!

The Madman

I Double Suck…

Yes I do, why, because I still can’t get here and write regularly, not for lack of trying though. My problem is right now I am extremely busy and haven’t had a chance to really do so. Having just finished up school and not having to worry about that I have now had time to catch up on lots of other things which I haven’t been able to get to, like a 1 foot tall stack of magazines sitting on our coffee table, they are now gone, managed to get through them in a couple of days time once I had nothing else on my plate.

The funny thing is writing shouldn’t be that hard, I actually like doing it as I always have something on my mind that I can share for some reason or another. Time is what is my thing lately.

I might not get my posts up here until later in the day as evenings are the best time for me to actually get into doing the writing for this blog. During the day I am at my full time gig which is where I am at now, but figure you know let me get something written and up there today.

I have added a page here for doing editing work, as a side hustle as I need to earn some extra cash, so might as well put my many years of having done this type of work to some use and get something for doing it. So if you are reading this and need something done hit me up, I would love to read your stuff and help you get it out there.