Tuesdays WOD

OK, so though my knees weren’t feeling any better I figured what the hell lets beat them mercilessly into submission

400 Meter Row

Squat 95lbs x 21 reps

4 times through

I finished this in about 23 minutes, not bad considering the pain I was in by the end.


The Madman


Book Reviews

So being that I tend to read so much that I sometimes tend to amaze myself, I figure I will start doing some reviews or at least just giving a quick opinion and a yes you should read it or no you probably should not read it.

I will probably start doing this later on today with the first one or by tomorrow.


The Madman

Yesterday’s Workout

Well yesterday sucked as far as a workout, I just hopped on my elliptical for 29 minutes. That was it. This is mostly related to the fact that because of the weather changes in terms of it getting cold I am having issues with my knees which are beat up like no tomorrow from years of abusing them.

Today I am hoping they are feeling good enough to get in a better workout though hey if elliptical is it, I will take it.

Till Later

The Madman

We All have a Type…

We do, all have a type when it comes to who we prefer to be with or who we find attractive. I would like to have some folks share what there type is here with me. To be fair, I will share mine as well.

So my type is all over the place really, but my biggest preference when it comes to my type is I really like a thicker woman, someone with meat on her bones. After that I prefer a woman who is darker skinned, but those are my two primary drivers in who I find attractive and what I look at first.

So what is your type?


The Madman

Weekend Workouts

So this weekend though it was snowing on Saturday and snow coated ground on Sunday, there is a park down the street from us that my wife likes to go to and I have told her though I need to spend more time lifting or doing CrossFit workouts she gets to hit the park for running on the weekends, so that is what we did for this weekend.

Saturday we started out with just cold temps but by the time we were finished with the run it was snowing, just lightly but snowing none the less. Did about 2.2 miles mostly walking with some running mixed in due to knee pain.

Sunday, well it was cold, and the biggest issue was ice, the whole track in the park was iced over and that was an issue for me, so though I did about the same 2.2 miles it was much slower because I didn’t feel like hurting myself and all.

Today’s Torture

So I figured I will start sharing what I do everyday for workouts and all as part of my trying to whip my ass back into some seriously good shape.

Today as the following:

1 Mile Run

150 Wall Balls w/25lb weighted ball

1 Mile Run

For Time. I finished in just a bit over 27 minutes.

I don’t consider this bad being my knees are shot to hell from decades of powerlifting. My goal now at 48 is just to be as fit as I possibly can be, the weightloss I am shooting for is mostly body fat I am going for, so if my weight doesn’t really change I am not going to cry, the lower my body fat the better.

Hump Day

And the one thing that isn’t happening is me getting laid!

So this week is shaping up to be pretty boring for sure. I finished the work I had last week so now I am back to doing some learning so that I can advance my position going forward. The problem is the learning is boring as well but has to get it done.

It sucks having to post from my phone but happy I can, but to make it easier I got this Bluetooth keyboard from Logitech to make it work better. This way a longer post of something that comes to mind I will be able to get done quick.

Still working on getting my ass in gear to post more on my blog, and once I have that keyboard I will do my best to keep at it for sure at least once a day. That in itself will be a really good start in my eyes. The goal is to post lots here, then get lots of eyes on it and also start writing and selling my erotic stories while working on a full length novel that I have working on my head.

All for now.

The Madman