Workout 8 February

So, today was leg day, and it was my late day at work, which sucks, all over a meeting.

4 sets of 8 reps

Squat, 185 lbs.

Good Morning, 95 lbs.

4 sets of 8 reps per leg

Step-Up (12″ Box), 80 lbs.

4 sets of 16 reps

Calf Raise, BW

Finisher – 900 Meter row.

Took me 39 minutes overall to finish the workout.


The Madman


6 & 7 February Workouts

OK, so I have been seriously slacking a bit with getting on here and posting shit, but going to be changing that with this post. So here are the workouts I did the last two days, Monday was an off day because the wife worked late and I didn’t want to eat dinner at around 830.

6 February

4 sets, 8 Reps

KB Goblet Squat, 53 lbs.

Sumo Deadlift, 165 lbs. (this was easy, too easy)

4 sets, 16 Reps

Box Jump, 12″ Box

Calf Raises, just body weight

Finisher – 850 Meter Row

Plank Tabata – 6 cycles, 4:50

Time 37 Minutes

7 February

4 sets, 8 reps

DB Incline Press, 50 lbs.

Barbell Row, 115 lbs. (gotta go heavier here too)

EZ Bar Curl, 68 lbs.

4 sets, 12 reps

Bench Dips, BW + 45 lb. plate

Finisher – 750 Meter Row

Plank Tabata – 6 cycles, 4:50 total time.

Time 33 Minutes

These types of workouts have been working more for me, I think that this is just the type of training my body needs, it works.

I am contemplating doing something weird diet wise, to get my body just burning fat, doing a red meat only diet. I am going to research it.


The Madman

30 & 31 January Workout

Didn’t get to post this so getting it in now.

8 Reps – Squat, 185/115 lbs. – 4 sets

8 Reps – Stiff-Leg Deadlift, 135/75 lbs. – 4 sets

8 Reps – OH KB Squat, 30/20 lbs. – 4 sets

8 Reps – Single Leg Calf Raise, 50/28 lbs. – 4 Sets

Finisher – 900 Meter Row

Plank Tabata – 6 cycles or 4:50 total time.

For 31 January I just did the Elliptical as the wife and I got home later than normal and I wanted us both finished up at around the same time, so we worked out together. I will do this workout likely on Saturday or Sunday.

8 Reps – Bench Press, 135/70 lbs. – 4 sets

8 Reps – Barbell Row, 115/55 lbs. – 4 sets

8 Reps – EZ Bar Curl, 70/33 lbs. – 4 sets

8 Reps – DB Military Press, 40/20 lbs. – 4 Sets

Finisher – 750 Meter Row

Plank Tabata – 6 cycles or 4:50 total time.

So this way I get in all my workouts. Friday’s are generally a rest day. I will make sure I post tonight’s workout tonight.


The Madman


So it is the weekend, and this weekend I have been home by myself, well I have had the company of my little fuzzball, so that is good at least. My wife is doing her thing with the National Guard this weekend up in NJ, and generally I can’t go up there with her anymore since we don’t have a place to stay after my Mom moved down here to DE where we live. So it can get a bit boring sometimes but other times I get lots done around the house we need to get done.

This weekend didn’t do to much, drove down surprised my Mom and went to lunch with her after I went and traded in a couple of my handguns for something new (Glock 19X) that I decided I wanted, had to get a straight trade on that which was good that I did, but sucks that I couldn’t just straight away buy it and keep what I already had. It just sucks to be broke, but working on changing that and hopefully it happens. Never again am I allowing us to get into a position like this ever again, because it just SUCKS!

I listed some more items on eBay, try to get rid of all the extra holsters I have from guns I no longer own, those will add up to a couple of hundred bucks or more, will pay off a credit card, so that is good. On that note, hopefully soon I will have my approvals from the two states I am waiting on to start teaching concealed carry classes, as that money will also go to paying down our debt, there was a snafu with getting that done several months ago but now it should get done and I can start teaching that.

The writing thing is where I have to get my ass in gear, because once I get to that I am sure that is something that I can use to really add extra money into our coffers, as when push comes to shove I am not all that bad at it at all, I just have to actually get to doing it. I think the big thing I am trying to make sure I have a full good command on right now is dialog in writing since that is something you don’t do in technical writing at all, there is no need for dialog, so I am reading a couple of books on it and looking at things that will help me with it so that I don’t dork that shit up while I am writing it and all. So yeah I am bring a bit of a perfectionist when it comes to the whole thing but in the grand scheme of things this is something I want to translate into possible full time work and full time money, so it has got to be good, it has to be readable and it has to be entertaining.

Today I was lazy and didn’t do a workout, more so because I had errands my wife needed run for stuff she does for work, so I figured I would get it done and all so we didn’t have to worry about it at all once she gets back from NJ. It has been a pretty dreary day here today as well so surely didn’t feel like going out anywhere but did, for her. I did get in my four strength training workouts so that is all I was worried about, so long as I nail those every week I am good. This coming week I am going to be trying to add in doing my 100 push-ups each morning and adding air squats, maybe starting somewhere between 25 and 50 of them and eventually working up to 100 of those as well.

I am going to do my best to start posting at least one single post a day, and what ever my daily workout is since people seem to like seeing that as well, which has shocked me and all but hey, going to. At some point I might be deciding if I am doing to renew my Personal Training Certification as well, I let it lapse, but not sure if I want to spend that money at this point on doing that, but we will see, as it just becomes another avenue of adding yearly earnings by providing people exercise routines and what not.

Well that is it for now.


The Madman


I was going to post something in regards to this yesterday because Wednesday is the day I jump on the scale just to keep track of what my weight is. So on the scale, 220.2, I don’t mind the weight, if I wind up there I would be perfectly content.

My primary goal is to change my bodies composition, so at 27.4% body fat that is what I aim to change. Since I have gone back to regular strength training it appears that my body fat has started to decrease, something that wasn’t happening when I was doing just plain old Crossfit style stuff, it actually went up.

My biggest issue in all reality is I have a sweet tooth the size of a large mountain. That is what I primarily have to conquer and I think I will start to see my body fat levels decrease faster. So my goal is to get past that one weakness that I have and that should help me greatly in getting back to where I once was.

I think my end goal is to get down to around 10 – 12% body fat and I will be content. I also think that is a realistic goal and I feel I will look pretty damn good at that level if I can maintain my weight in the process of doing so. I don’t think that will be much of an issue for me, because it seems even at my current age I have no issue in putting on muscle and getting stronger, I just have to lift right for me, and that I haven’t been doing till about 2 weeks ago.


The Madman