And It’s Christmas

It wasn’t much of a Christmas this year, we really did it on Saturday when our son was here, so today it was the wife and I. Since that was the case we decided to do something different, since we live in an area that is rich in history we took off and headed to Washington’s Crossing State Park, to see the re-enactment of Washington crossing the Delaware prior to the Battle of Trenton in 1776. It was cold and windy today but we went, and we had fun, gonna have to go back next year because they didn’t hold the actual crossing because of the weather conditions (50mph wind gusts) didn’t help.

This was the first year in 26 years together that the wife and I didn’t exchange gifts, I wasn’t happy about it but we had to take care of others first, and honestly the fun we had today even though we were freezing was more than enough for me.

Well for now that is all. Just another boring day in the life! Back to Christmas movies, watching Miracle on 34th Street.


The Madman

2018, What’s to come…

Yes, with 2018 around the corner that of course always has everyone thing about what is to come, for me that is easy, I have some clearly defined goals for 2018, and here is what I am looking to make happen for myself:

– Land a gov’t job

– Gotta earn an extra 55K (to pay our CC debt off in full.)

– Get my Firearms Training business up and completely running and earning money.

– Start publishing short stories on Amazon (erotica).

– Start writing my novel, and publish to Amazon by the end of 2018 or sooner.

– Possibly renew my Personal Trainer certification, started working towards this, just not sure if I will actually do that, it isn’t a must do just a maybe.

– Finish my weight loss quest, I am down about 7 lbs and my intention is to get under 200, maybe around 195, but with a much lower body fat than I have currently.

I think this is more than plenty to accomplish in the new year, the most important is to pay off our debt.

That is all for now.


The Madman

The Home Stretch…

And by that I mean we are just days away from Xmas, which isn’t going to be much of a great day this year at least because my son won’t be home with us for pretty much the first year since he was born. We are happy he is coming a couple days before to spend with us with our granddaughter so that is a good thing.

It does however suck because this year we are working to make Xmas good for all with way less money than ever before, and that sucks in a big way for sure. The wife and I will be forgoing exchanging any gifts with each other so that we can take care of everyone else for certain. And we aren’t done yet either, so we are taking it down to the wire this year.

So we will have a nice dinner with the kids and my Mom on Saturday which will be our Xmas dinner and then on Sunday I am thinking I am going to take the wife to see the new Star Wars movie for sure, as it will be something to do. And if I can’t do it on Sunday we will go on Xmas day since it will only be the two of us and all.

In the meantime the work week is short for me, as I had to take Monday off for contractors visiting our house to do 1 year repairs, which are now all done, and Friday I took the day just for shits and giggles and an extra day off the day after Xmas, so I got a nice long weekend coming.

Since we have a shit ton of debt to tackle in 2018 I have started trying to get extra work on a site called and started submitting some proposals on that site, so we will see how that works out. I also hopefully will get my firearms training biz going if my curriculum gets approved and at some point I will add becoming a training counselor so that I can train new trainers for my organization, just not sure when that will happen because well I will need money to do that training. I will also be starting to get into my writing more so that I can start with posting short erotic pieces on Amazon in order to make some extra bucks as well. And lastly I will be starting the novel I want to write, and I am going to shoot for finishing that by mid-summer, maybe by my birthday even.

OK, this is all for now.


The Madman

Today’s WOD

Have contractors in and out today so though home today got my workout in around 6AM

500 M Row

KB Sumo Deadlift @53lbs

KB Sumo Goblet Squat @44lbs

KB Swing @44lbs

500 M Row

21 – 18 – 15 – 12 For Time

I finished pretty slow at around 33 minutes, but stopped to make a phone call to the wife and had to chase after my puppy who was eating something she shouldn’t be. Was a good workout either way.

So a quick add on here, later on in the day when my wife did her workout I put in another 30 minutes on the elliptical just to do it.


The Madman

Workouts for this week

This week has been a shitty week for working out for me, mostly just time spent on the elliptical because of the issues I have with my knees with the cold weather rolling in, and in this case snow a few days this week. So Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday were all 30 or so minutes on the elliptical.

Next week I intend on hitting my CF workouts again no matter what my knees feel like, just going to slap on the knee sleeves and grind through it.

Going to attach some pics of my home gym, I don’t have to leave my house to get a great workout, which is well great!

The one thing that isn’t visible in these pictures is to the left we also have a rower and another half rack.


The Madman