The last couple of days…

So workouts this week have been just plain, on Monday I did some time on my Elliptical Trainer due to my knee and ankle giving me grief (old injuries suck) and then yesterday we took a trip to a local park so that my wife could get in a run, and I brought our puppy along and did a bit more than a 2 mile walk.

Most likely today will be another Elliptical day for me because the ankle is still being problematic. I had a severe sprain several years ago and it hasn’t been the same since. It however acts up far less often than my knees do so that is a good thing. My preference is to take it easier on it than take the chance of causing a more severe injury.

So on Tuesday when we came back to work I started this Carnivore diet, this is now day 2 which I have eaten nothing but meat, and honestly so far it isn’t so bad, but I don’t see this as something I could sustain for the long term, but who knows only been doing it 2 days so far. We will see what it does for me, the primary goal of it though is to break my sugar addiction, that is something I have to do.

Well that is it for now.

The Madman

Thinking trying this…

So I have heard about this Carnivore diet, which is basically just about eating meat, nothing more nothing less. I think this is more of a Keto style thing but more straight up just eating protein and nothing else. Now as far as the whole thing of people saying that an all protein diet is bad for you, I don’t buy into that crap so I won’t pay much attention to it.

My issue is I have a whole shitload of travel coming up for work and don’t know how I am going to work this while being on the road which is going to a vast majority of the next 3 or 4 months. So once I can figure out the logistics of this it might be the thing I am going to try so that I can get myself back on the right track in decreasing my body fat which is my primary goal.

In terms of weight loss, I am not really interested so much in losing actual weight, that is just a number for me and what my primary interest is would be to decrease my body fat level, changing my composition. I am not hung up on the numbers in terms of my weight. The thing with me is I love junk food, and that is where things are difficult, so if something like this could help me get past my sugar issues and addiction to it that will be great. Oh and did I mention I love meat, so I don’t see an issue with this at all. I might be hard initially but I think I can get past that if I can get my body composition where I want it which is down in the 10% – 12% range but I will take lower if it happens.

OK, more on this later.

The Madman