Doing it again…

Slacking that is. But here I am getting back on it. So it was Christmas the other day, mine wasn’t so bad, I wasn’t expecting a lot and I am OK with that it was time to take care of others. Though I did get myself a new gun, so I guess that might count. LOL. Now I just have to go pick it up. Have to wait till my wife is not around to get it, as she doesn’t know.

Work right now is really slow of course because everyone is out on vacation due to the holidays, and that is nice. And with my just getting started with this job gives me time to get into things that I need to learn about and all.

Also, last week I started working towards getting my personal trainer certification again and will also be doing one for nutrition in the new year. Things that can be used to make extra money down the road because well there is never enough money to be had.

I still have to start writing, for real, at least the erotica I intend on writing. I have lots of short stories in my head which I have to get out and what not, and of course those will likely help deliver more. Things for the new year to come for sure.

In terms of workouts this is my deload week, so I am just doing cardio, and during the rest of it I am deciding if I am going to do another 5/3/1 or switch over to a straight away bodybuilding style set of workouts. Not sure yet, but leaning more towards bodybuilding style workouts at least for a little while, and then maybe a switch back to CrossFit.

Well that is it for now, short and what not but hey just gotta write something.

The Madman


So I’m Slacking Again…

I was going pretty strong for a minute, but then got busy and got off course. That is what happens when I try and do these posts at the office of course. I will have to try and make sure I fit them in later in the evening for sure if I can’t get to them while in the office itself.

So end of week two going into the Christmas holiday wasn’t so bad. The people I am working with now are so far so good, and I have pretty much made myself at home in my little cubicle. I have off till next Thursday so that is a good thing, well technically I have off. Though the Prez has declared a federal holiday for Xmas Eve it however doesn’t apply to me, which sucks, so I have to telework that day.

Today I also get 59 minutes, too bad I will have already worked a full 8 hours by the time I can actually leave for the day, so what is the point and all. Oh well.

So far this week have gotten in 3 of my 4 weight training workouts, the other will likely happen on Saturday morning, today probably have stuff to do after work and all, so no workout tonight.

On another front, I have decided to get my Personal Trainer Certification back as well as add a Cert from Precision Nutrition, I want to add to my ability to earn money going forward so these are things I can do that will likely be less costly vs. my Firearms Trainer Certs, as the cost to insure on those is much more than training, and I have most of what is necessary in my basement to train people in my own home, so that is a bonus. Should take me a few months to get these two things in order, I am going with an organization I was certified through about 15 or so years ago, which is the ISSA, I think they are a good group, as it was founded by a Powerlifter, and me being mostly focused on that area of training myself it fits for me.

OK, so I am rambling like all get out at this point so going to stop now before I just keep on going.

The Madman

Week 2

So on to week 2 of the new gig, starting off uneventful of course, all I really have to do is start to get familiar with the stuff I will be working with so I started doing that today. It is a lot of stuff to get familiar with for sure, could take me a couple of weeks to go through it all.

So this weekend we set about trying to finish up what is left of our Christmas shopping, which really isn’t a lot of stuff at all, mostly gift cards at this point in time and all, but still have to actually get it done. We did accomplish most of that as well as having to order a couple of things for the granddaughter on Amazon, which is on the way.

Had to also order a photo booth thing so I can take pictures of items I am selling on eBay, so that I can eliminate shadowing in the pictures and what not. Mostly what I have to list now are bras that my wife doesn’t fit in anymore since she has gotten a bit smaller and we needed to get her new ones. That will go along with all my holsters from guns I don’t own anymore which I have been trying to unload, which isn’t easy as I am a lefty, in a world where most people are right handed.

Workouts for the weekend for me were strictly cardio, and I am OK with that, Saturday was about 30 minutes on my elliptical and Sunday I spent about 20 minutes pounding on my heavy bag, which is a great workout.

Well I think this is it for now, back to my boring work, at least for now while I get familiar. Hopefully they have me start traveling soon that would be nice too and all.

The Madman

Much Fun…

So almost to the end of week 1 at the new gig, and well for this week its been pretty boring, but all good. There is usually a warm up on these things, going forward I should start to have some shit to do. And eventually probably too much shit to do.

On other fronts, have gotten in all my workouts this week, with yesterday being deadlift day, 3 x 3 x 225lbs. Was pretty easy to hit. I am far weaker today than I was a long time ago, but with this 5/3/1 routine the goal is to build back some strength, before making a decision to go back to CrossFit. I am leaning towards going back to CrossFit more so because I think it will have far better effects in terms of keeping me moving and injury free.

On the writing front haven’t done anything there but do my daily blog posts which surprisingly I have kept up with for now. So I am happy about that for sure. I think going forward I might also do a post just to ramble about something I find in terms of weird news on the net somewhere. We will see about that. Why not, it will get me to do some extra writing.

I think this will be it for now, we will see if I get something posted later.

The Madman

And it’s Hump Day…

So in reading some news today, or seeing it on YouTube, gotta love my former home a state and its liberal insanity (sorry if this offends but liberals are stupid) as they have no had some moron state senator pre-file a bill to limit magazine capacity to 5 rounds. I guess he thinks this is going to stop some criminal from slapping his 33 rounder into his GAT and going to town on his enemies.

Yes in case it hasn’t become obvious at this point I am a supporter of the Constitution of the United States, most especially the 2nd Amendment of it, because without that there wouldn’t be much else left at this point thanks to the liberal stupidity going on in this country, can’t even call them liberals anymore these people are going full on communist in a lot of places and stripping peoples rights as quickly as they can get it done.

What this basically is going to do it limit the residents of NJ with 5 shot revolvers and the few semi-auto handguns that come in 45 that only hold 5 rounds, these are generally subcompacts to boot. Now again NJ has been notorious for its draconian gun laws for quite some time, and I lived there most of my life.

Today I am a law abiding gun owner, also a firearms instructor and working towards doing some competition shooting as well. So guns aren’t evil, they don’t go off all on there own, they require an individual who has evil intent to use it for an evil purpose. This country has plenty of them, and the vast majority of them are known to law enforcement, so if you want to stop gun violence you have to take the bad actors off the streets and put them behind bars, not target law abiding gun owners. WE didn’t do anything wrong.

OK, enough political shit, had to share about it because its just full on stupid.

Otherwise, today is another boring day at work, but I figured the first week would be just that and hopefully I can get into some stuff next week for sure.

Tonight is deadlift day, so heading home shortly and getting in my workout and relaxing for the rest of the night.

The Madman

Another New Beginning…

So today I start another new job, after just spending a measly 2 months at the previous one, but that can be the life of a gov’t contractor and all, some jobs just placeholders while you wait for something else to happen. Though this job wasn’t really meant to be that it just winded up that way because in my line of work and where I work my level of skills are very wanted and at times I can pretty much name my price and I have no issue getting it. And that is what happened this time.

For the future this new position could be good it might actually set me up to get into a position that could provide me a solid retirement as well as not having to worry about where and when the next job is going to come along. And with that it should help me in getting time to get my writing off the ground more so while not worrying about where the next paycheck is coming from. That is always a nice thing and all.

In the meantime, this past weekend wasn’t so bad, it was cold as hell here in the north east as it usually is as it nears wintertime but hey it can’t be summer all year, well unless you are living in Hawaii maybe. I actually got in two decent workouts this weekend so was happy about that. Then got my errands done I needed to do and went out and helped my Mom out with her holiday shopping. Mostly to carry stuff and be her chauffeur but that is all good, get to hang with her.

So today, new job, get in a workout later, and then get some relax time in before bed and starting all over again. The grind sucks really, but gotta do it, at least till I can make something happen that allows me to stop doing it.

The Madman