The End is Today…

Well the end of 2018 that is! But hey had to get someone’s attention and all.

So what has this year done for me? So lets see, I expanded on my Firearms trainer certifications, adding one for concealed carry, that was pretty much it for that. I have also been a college graduate for 1 full year now, never thought that would happen, but finally made it happen. I added one more year to my marriage (22 years now) and one more year to my sobriety (9 years now). And the big one, worked for 4 new companies before the end of 1 single year, actually one of those got bought by the other so that one was a cheat in all reality, but chalked up two additional companies just in 2 months time.

I have also tried to make a better habit of writing, I think I am doing OK with that at least I am trying to, I get hung up sometimes with that but all good, I am getting there which is why I am sitting here while at work hacking away at my blog here. So that I can get in some writing today.

Another thing I decided to do is move back in the direction of doing more fitness related things for a side biz, I have to get my Personal Trainer Certification back and I am also going to get a Nutrition Certification this time as well. As this is something that I have been taking part in all my life practically, so its a no brainer to get back to it and actually try and do something with it.

Not sure what I will do with the firearms training stuff, never really had the opportunity to get that off the ground, so might just let it go at least part of it for now, until I can figure it out. We will see. Speaking of that, so Glock supposedly has some new goodies dropping in a couple of days, which I am kind of excited about as I am in search of the perfect summer time concealed carry (yes I carry a gun at least when I am in a free state) so they have this new G43X and G48 being released in a couple of days both of which I want to look into as that perfect summer time concealed carry gun, though I am leaning in the direction of the G48 for its longer site radius and it being a more or less single stack version of the G19, of which I own one of those. So can’t wait to see about those when my local gun shop gets a hold of them.

For the new year, on the fitness front, I am going to try some new bodybuilding style stuff for this week coming up and then decide on whether to switch back to CrossFit for my workouts, that will depend on how I feel doing these bodybuilding style workouts. Even if I switch back to CrossFit I am going to try and least once a month to incorporate some sort of 1-REP max type workout, where I do a bunch of sets working to a 1-REP Max so that I can maintain some of the strength I build up during the 5-3-1 powerlifting routine I was just working through. Also going to get serious about doing Keto, which I was dabbling with during the latter half of 2018 but never really got to seriously into it. My goals are to lower my body fat percentage I am not concerned about my body weight at all, though I prefer to stay in the 220 – 230 range, but want my body fat cut in half to around 12 – 14% preferably. I think even at my age it is doable.

Another thing I would love to do more of this year is photography, something which I will be looking at doing more of as well. Problem is I would like to do more erotic type photography because I just love the human form, so have to see about making that possibly happen as well.

As for writing, right now it will be this blog, and I will see where I go with getting some other stuff written that I want to write, which won’t happen till next year either way anyway.

Onward and Upward!

The Madman